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Does your customer experience hinder your business growth?


CX for Founders helps early stage of business and creates an awareness of customer and the benefits of intentional Customer Experience Management.

customer woes

Do unhappy customers turn to your competitors, write scathing reviews, create chaos for your teams and business?

Work with me to identify opportunities to change customer perceptions and unlock your growth potential.

Business in growth

Would happier customer spend more, tell the world, make your employees smile?

Together, we can map out and explore your CX Journey.

CX Leaders

Are you a CX Leader who is short on time and needs expert help to deliver results?

Let me help you as you build CX capabilities and deliver lasting business benefits.

Three steps to amazing business results

Understanding Customer Needs

Understand your cutomers

Get to know their needs and how they feel about you today.

meet customer needs small icon

Meet your cutomers' needs

Design or update your products, services and journeys to generate delight.

earn a return small icon

Earn a return on your investment

Turn delight into additional revenue, referrals and recommendations, and differentiation. Read more here.

Wake up to the Power of Customer Experience

With thoughts and ideas each month to help you delight your customers and deliver amazing business results.

How I support your growth

Founders Large Icon

CX for Founders

A blend of delivery styles, tailored to meet your stage of growth.

Ideal for businesses that are growing and want to avoid the pitfalls of accidental customer experience management.

Tired of Reading? Let’s talk about you

You have heard a lot about me. But you visited my site to learn about Customer Experience. Why is that?

Maybe you feel something is a little off with your customers. Or have heard how intentional Customer Experience Management benefits so many businesses.

Schedule a free consultation (30 minutes). There’s no obligation and you will end the call with at least one idea to change how you manage CX.

What clients and colleagues say

I had the privilege of collaborating with Michelle Spaul, a customer experience expert specialising in start-ups, for a period of four weeks. I wholeheartedly endorse here as an authority in the field.

Michelle’s no nonsense and direct approach during her hour-long sessions leaves no room for evasion. This fosters an environment for open and candid discussions on topics such as customer journey mapping, customer value propositions, and customer messaging, all of which are firmly rooted in both theory and real-world practicality.

If you’re seeking an expert who can provide invaluable insights and drive actionable results, in the realm of customer experience for start-ups, I highly recommend Michelle.

Kofo Are, Founder Thier (Via LinkedIn)

I first met Michelle through our common desire to improve manufacturing businesses, but it was only when she demonstrated just how important it was for me to understand how my clients think that I realised how beneficial her insights and expertise could be for me.

She showed me how to develop some client empathy maps, and these were so clear that it drove me to rethink and redesign my website to focus on the customer journey and experience first.

Michelle doesn’t provide just sound advice, but enables you to test whether your actions will actually achieve what you intended. She provided me with a written Customer Eyes report for the website prior to public release and worked through with me how to optimise the content and structure from a customer perspective, so that I’m now confident that the clients that I know I can help will know that their needs are being heard and that the experience they have from the website will match the experience from delivery of the service.

Unlike other business consultants who treat Customer Experience as just a standard business consulting “add-on”, Michelle specialises in making the client important, which elevates your profile, and in my opinion also elevates hers!

Without Michelle’s support it would have taken a lot of trial and error, and we’re now very focused on what we do and for whom we provide it, and I’m confident that Michelle will continue to provide even more, amazing, core support.

Peter Francis, Founder and Managing Director, MATL Ltd (Via LinkedIn)

Thanks so much Michelle for all of your work pulling together the Enscite Customer Feedback report, it was a big ask with such short notice. We are so pleased with the final report, and all of the work you did in engaging with our customers to get their feedback . The workshop you did with us around improving our customer journey was invaluable and the output of this is something we are able to share with our customer facing teams at the University to help us better support the businesses we work with. Thanks again, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future.

Julia Roberts, Business Development Manager, Enscite and Help to Grow, the University of Derby (Via LinkedIn)

Michelle exemplified true collaboration as the executive editor of the ‘CXPA Effective Collaboration Monograph Series’ through well-coordinated alignment between the CX monograph contributors, while effectively supporting the ever-shifting needs of the monograph groups.

She is a true CX change agent as she continues to advance the CX industry through her pioneering spirit, going above and beyond in unexpected ways. Her resourcefulness, insightful guidance, and pursuit of continuous improvement were greatly appreciated by the diverse CX contributors, throughout the monographs evolution.

Michelle’s commitment and dedication to successfully steer a global publication effort to serve as a salient reference, is a special homage to our CX and its influencing community.

Swapna Ketcham, VoC Program Manager, Daimler Truck North America (Via LinkedIn)

Working with Michelle is always a delight. she concentrates on clear interpretation of CX and explores the context and dynamics rather than just the results. She unpicks data, statistics and comments, giving it understanding, which makes it incredibly valuable to any organisation.

Mark Gilman, Professor of Economics at the University of Derby (via LinkedIn)

I had the chance to work with Michelle in a voluntary project that required to coordinate multiple streams of projects under the umbrella of building a series of Client Experience expert monographs. Being a leader of one project and contributor on another I could see how efficient, agile and professional she coordinated the various streams. Michelle is a pleasure to work with. She is proactive and engaged and combines these skills with an in depth knowledge about the Client Experience themes overall. I would immediately work with Michelle again to drive another project.

Ragna Ghoreishi, CCXP, VP of Customer Success (Via LinkedIn)

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle, her contagious energy, extensive knowledge and passion for CX while leading the project made our work together extremely productive, collaborative and actually fun! Her amazing grasp of what it takes to lead a CX initiative makes her an invaluable asset to any organization and an outstanding role model for others involved in CX-focused strategies.

Meka Omeh, Customer Experience and Change Leader (Via LinkedIn)

Culture and Accountability are core CX competencies in high performing customer-driven organizations. As CX professionals we get to drive the strategies that build and sustain a customer-centered culture and be accountable for the outcomes. In 2022, Michelle Spaul led CX leaders like me to help us elevate these competencies through the CXPA Monograph Program.

Imagine a comprehensive guide for practitioners that explores the relationships between CX and an organization’s essential functions – from the C-Suite and Finance, to Product Development and Operations, to Sales and Marketing and HR and others? These guides or Monographs are the direct result of Michelle’s passion and leadership to help CX make a difference in how people do business.

This year, six teams delivered Monographs that will help CX practitioners work smartly across their organization’s functions, understanding their colleagues, building empathy, and creating mutually beneficial relationships. As one of many authors for one of these Monographs, I’m grateful for Michelle’s leadership, coaching, and guidance. This Program would not have happened without her.

CX is a team sport. It’s about collaboration, cross-functional efforts, smart use of data, planning, relationships, problem solving – all in the pursuit of finding meaningful ways to serve customers. Michelle embodies the spirit and substance of team, evidenced by the on-time completion of six new Monographs that are sure to elevate CX practitioners’ effectiveness in their organizations.

Joel Block, Customer Experience Director, ProAg (Via LinkedIn)

The [Value Proposition] session was so informative and Michelle provided me with so many excellent ideas and resources to look at. She gave me pointers on how to challenge the current messaging, focusing on the value we are providing to our customers and keeping in mind our target audience. Not only was the session very useful, it was also a lot of fun.

Jagroop Bagary, Senior Business Analyst & Product Manager at TechFINIUM

I took part in a group webinar Michelle presented some weeks ago which was absolutely brilliant. Michelle has fantastic energy, really knows her area, and has a ‘nutshell’ way of explaining it, setting off epiphanies in my head. The session was jam-packed with information but in bite-size pieces that were super easy to digest and put into a plan of action moving forwards. Michelle also kindly offered me a follow-up call which was a 1-1 and discussed my exact pain points in the same fashion, again, offering a small but invaluable piece of time where I now feel completely supported and ready and rearing to go. Thank you again!

Emma Austin, Project Manager at Luv4 Marketing

We have a small Team at Team Defence Information and we really appreciated Michelle’s experience and guidance.

Phil Williams, Managing Director at Team Defence Information

I engaged Michelle to write my marketing materials and got so much more. As well as coaching me in my new business, she created my website, managed my GDPR, helped me get to grips with LinkedIn and recommended great people when she couldn’t do the job herself – like my new IT wizard. I don’t know where I would be now if Michelle hadn’t given me a kickstart into marketing my business – thank you.

Anonymous Client

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