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become the business your customers love

grow revenue and margins by compelling your customers to return and tell

Does your customer experience help or hinder your growth?

Can your customers find a better experience elsewhere? Are you tired of competing on price, price, price? Do you benefit from recommendations and referrals?

What prevents compelling customer experiences?

What enables compelling customer experiences?

Are you ready to deliver a compelling customer experience?

What's it like to work with a consultant?

A good consultant will give you the experience you need. They will guide you through change, taking a role that is appropriate and agreed.

Tailored style – adjective noun
/ˈteɪləd stʌɪl/

Consulting support the way you need:
leader or colleague or coach
guiding or hands-on
listener & advisor

What happens when you work with Delta Swan

Piggy Bank With Piece Missing


Analyse your business, situation and opportunities.

Missing Piece Of The Piggy Bank


Develop a strategy and plan for your business.

The Complete Piggy Bank


Help you implement a seamless solution.

Insights: learn how to deliver a compelling customer experience

Every one knows how to deliver a customer experience that has their customers coming back for more.

But something gets in the way for many organisations.

If you are reading this, you probably think your business could do better. Here are some tips and pointers to help you build sustainably compelling customer experiences to underpin your growth and success.

Visit this page for more.

The best things come in small packages

CXpresso is a small and powerful email shot, with a few thoughts and ideas each month to guide you through becoming the business your customers love.

Expect links to our articles, great third-party posts, podcasts and webinars and subscriber exclusive content.

We also answer subscriber questions in posts, articles and video.

Let’s get on the same page: about customer experience (CX)

Customer experience is a broad subject. It brings together the disciplines of Customer Service, Customer Success, Voice of the Customer, User Experience (UX), Digital Experience (DX) and Customer Satisfaction and adds a sparkle to ensure your customers return and tell.

Most of all delivering a compelling customer experience gives you the opportunity to move away from price based selling, increase revenues and margins and grow a loyal customer base.

The links opposite will take you to more information, or take the short-cut and look at the What make a compelling customer experience for a compelling customer experience.

Hello, I’m Michelle Spaul

I am a Customer Experience (CX) consultant.

All businesses face changing customer expectations. I help SME leaders deliver a compelling customer experience and become the business their customers love.

Michelle Spaul
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