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In her article about business knowledge, Mandisa Makubalo explores business knowledge and its value to business leaders:

  • Market analyses
  • Business environment and dynamics
  • Product and service research and development

All seen, of course, through the eyes of your customer. Using a customer persona to really get into their shoes.

How can CX professionals use business knowledge to embed CX in the company agenda

Gosh that sounds Machiavellian!! It isn’t. We know managing customer experience with intention is the best way to ensure the long-term success of a business.

We also know humans like short-term rewards. So we need to show the true benefits of customer experience in a way that helps our non-CX colleagues achieve their goals.

When the CX practitioner understands the business, its people and their goals, they can build and deliver a CX strategy to generate sustainable growth.

Market analysis

Marketing and CX should be best buds, after all we both aim to understand the customer. But when CX practitioners fail to understand the way marketers are rewarded, we can clash.

Use market analysis to understand the direction the business wants to take, the customers it values and what those customers need.

In return, offer data about customer experience – especially voice of the customer – to show how customers really feel. You might influence marketing, but much more likely you will build an ally in changing experience to match brand intention and promise.

Improving experience in the right way improves marketing’s near term goals of getting visitors to sites and stores and creates loyal customers who help marketing make more sales.

Business environment and dynamics

Customers’ needs and expectations are continually changing. Some changes are trends that come and go, others reflect changes in society, technology and aspirations.

CX practitioners have a choice, focus on the experience of today or help the business build the experience of tomorrow. You know which is better.

But to anticipate the future needs of customers, you must be familiar with the landscape of your business. The external factors that influence change and the internal aspirations and plans of the organisation.

Product and service research and development

Product and service development needs the voice of the customer and journey mapping. By establishing sound relationships with your business’s development teams, you can give them the information they need to fix the issues with current offers.

More importantly, you can provide the secret ingredient for product and service innovation.

Customer experience is a team sport

When you, as a CX practitioner or advocate, have strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all the teams in your business, we will stop saying

Customer experience is a team sport

Until then and forever after, learning about the business and working to find customer experience solutions that benefit the business and employees, as well as the customer, is your best strategy for success. And business knowledge is a vital tool in your armoury.

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