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Why do we need clarity and consistency?

In a busy world, we make snap decisions about the value of videos, articles, websites and people. You have only one chance to make a first impression. To win business and referrals, you must show people why they should buy from you.

Once you win their custom, you need to build trust and satisfaction. Then they will buy again and tell others.

Communicate with clarity

Whether you make your first impression face-to-face, online or by referral, your audience filters your message. Sound irrelevant, and they will find something else to do.

If you show them ‘what’s in it for me’, they’ll listen. What an opportunity to qualify your leads. So:

  • Be succinct
  • Promise value
  • Be clear

Be succinct – the eight-second rule

Do you resent only getting 30 or 60 seconds to tell people how great you are? Think again. People decide more quickly. Their first decision is ‘shall I listen?’.

Tell your audience how you give them value in eight (8) seconds or compete with to-do lists, work issues or tonight’s dinner.

Promise value – make it about them

In your first meeting, on your website, when customers refer you*, don’t talk about your business, your personal goals, features or benefits. Show what your clients achieve when they hire you.

Be clear – no one likes a smart aleck

Don’t be smart or clever. If you offer lawn care say ‘I give people lawns their neighbours envy’. Don’t say ‘Turf, sod and sow much more’.

What’s your story?

Here’s a simple formula for your eight second introduction.

I / we VERB PEOPLE / BUSINESSES achieve their GOALS. Swap the UPPERCASE words for your action, customers and the value you create.

Here is my conversation opener:
Michelle – I help SMEs increase sales and margins by becoming the business their customers love.

Be consistent

Follow Peter’s and Simon’s great advice consistently. Don’t wear a suit to your first meeting and then revert to ripped jeans and your favourite tee-shirt. Be memorable and professional – use your brand every time you communicate. Be inconsistent and your customers’ Spidey Sense will tingle.

Deliver the promise given in your elevator pitch (ease, effectiveness and emotion)

We all want, nay need, our customers to come back and to recommend us.

They will if you deliver your promise (effectiveness) without friction (ease). Easy, effective interactions delight your customers and happy customers become advocates (emotion).

Emotional hierarchy

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