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A retail turnaround specialist recently told me that I am ‘doing Brand Management’.

I wasn’t convinced – at first. As he explained the synergies between my speciality in customer experience and the role of a Brand Manager. He drew this diagram:

Brand Management and customer experience

Brand managers take customers through a customer journey – from awareness to, fingers crossed, repeated use. Traditionally, they ask for feedback during development. When marketing a product or service, they promise satisfaction. And sales data shows whether customers like the product. However, as consumers become more empowered and B2B buyers behave more like consumers, Brand Managers also have to look to engagement techniques such as online chat and regular performance reviews, social media and review sites.

But somewhere along the way

Organisations stop listening to the voice of the customer and miss opportunities to:

  • Increase the product or service life cycle.
  • Build requirements for the next generation of products and services.

Pretty much the key responsibilities of a brand manager! How can a brand manager use customer feedback effectively?

Use data to influence your brand, product, service and business strategy

  • Home trials – ask people to use your service and tell you what they think.
  • Secret shopping – get feedback through an impartial third party.
  • Surveys and questionnaires.
  • Direct feedback – making the most of the feedback heard every day by your team. See the record, analyse cycle in this post.
  • Online feedback.

The last two win over the more traditional methods. They are quick and cheap.

Of course, they also have problems. For example, online reviews can be fake. But if you analyse the data honestly that is not a problem in this context.

Unfortunately, many people overlook customer services as a data source. With good facilitation and analysis, you can understand the realities of your customer journey. And engaging your customer-facing staff will improve employee satisfaction.

Don’t let poor customer experience shorten your product life cycle. Just by listening to them, you can delight your customers.

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