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Why do we need Customer Experience evidence?

You know managing customer experience is important, but you need to convince other people.

These pages present customer experience statistics and third-party case studies showing how Customer Experience Management delivers a return on investment and other benefits.

Customer Experience Statistics

The following pages give research data about customer experience. These data show how intentional management of customer experience benefits organisations of all types.

Third-party case studies

Just as the value you deliver to your customers is unique, their expectations and experience differ when they interact with you. But they bring their expectations from other experiences and that means you can learn from those experiences. Not copy, as with any kind of benchmarking, more work is needed. After all, you need to keep your values and differentiate.

So here are a range of different third-party examples. I regularly add to them, so remember to come back.

$300m in extra revenue by removing a button

How often do you get frustrated by the online checkout experience? Do you give up when endless forms and passwords defeat you? Do you resent creating an account when it really isn’t necessary?

That is what the customers of a $25 billion felt and did when they encountered a form to create an account when buying products online. This brilliant spoof by Google sums it up nicely.

When investigating cart abandonment Jared Spool found that the retailer added the form to help customers. But first time customers resented the process and returning customers struggled to login, let alone update vital information. Many saw the account sign up as a way of gathering their information. In the words of one study participant:

“I am not here to be in a relationship”

We can see the scale of the problem when we find out 45% of customers had multiple accounts, the retailer received 160,000 password reset requests a day and 75% of people who asked for the reset didn’t complete their purchase.

Understanding customers led to a simple change. Instead of forcing registration, customers were offered the choice of continuing without it. The number of customers making purchases shot up – by 45%. Even with a turnover of $25 billion the extra revenue was noticeable.

You are unlikely to have this kind of turn over – but you may be making your customers’ lives harder than it needs be. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you identify the blockers on your website.

Jared Spool relates the story in full here.

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