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What is loyalty?

Loyalty describes a continued relationship between an organisation and its happy customers. It leads to enhanced business outcomes as these customers:

  • Spend more
  • Tell others
  • Are open to trying your new products, services and journeys

We can’t expect loyalty, but we can stack the odds in our favour by delivering compelling services and easing the decision to stay.

How good CX generates loyalty

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89% of businesses see customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention. (Econsultancy)

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88% of customers chose quality and 72% of customer chose customer service as the two biggest factors in driving customer loyalty and retention. (Zendesk)

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66% of consumers say features, design and quality of product or service are the leading factors that determined brand loyalty. (Support)

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77% of the UK population are members of a loyalty scheme (YouGov)

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82% of businesses agree that retention is far cheaper than acquisition. (Econsultancy)

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A superior experience earns stronger loyalty, turning customers into promoters with a lifetime value 6 to 14 time that of detractors. Bain & Company

How bad CX loses custom

Tired of Reading? Let’s talk about you

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The top three reasons consumers switch brands are cheaper pricing (31%), rude staff (18%) and too many mistakes (16%).  (Verint)

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60% of customers say that brands they are most loyal to are not doing enough to reward them. (Access)

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