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The first rule of customer experience management is take action. Good intentions will not do.

We are all busy. Your teams are busy. What’s no-one wants to hear their customer experience isn’t great.

Is it surprising few businesses make time for customer experience management? Or that the ones that do get ahead?

You need three things to manage the experience of your customers:


Your whole team must take accountability.


Data about your customers’ experience.


Willingness and ability to take action.


In smaller organisations, people work near each other and talk. Their relationships reduce the need for formal accountabilities.

However, as organisations grow, lines of communication stretch and snap. Each department builds its own priorities and objectives contradict. No one has accountability for the whole of the customer experience. Brand management, marketing and customer services look after some stages of the customer journey. But, they cannot do it alone.


  • managing customer experience is not in job descriptions,
  • personal objectives don’t set a target,
  • or processes don’t support customer focus,

then you are unlikely to satisfy your customers.

shared accountability

Understanding how your customer perceive their experience

You can collect customer data in many ways: surveys, support centre, reviews, web-statistics, etc. But, these data are too complex to report alongside single-figure business metrics.

Describing customer experience as a single number helps spot trends, but can’t tell you how to improve. Words and numbers must act together so you never assume what your customers mean.

Taking action

Only you and your team can make a great customer experience.

Numerous studies show a link between culture, employee engagement and customer experience. Your customer experience management process must involve and recognise the contribution of everyone. Teams have to understand and trust each other. They have to learn each other’s language and constraints; they must support as well as challenge.

Your role is to :

  • Give your teams the data and tools they need to make meaningful change.
  • Champion cx and support your people every step of the way.
  • Set the standards of customer experience and recognise and reward people for meeting those standards.

More about customer experience

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (cx) is what happens between you and your customers. Explore key measures and related activities.

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