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I love what Jonathan Daniels has achieved in this deceptively small book.
The third part leans on his experience and skills as a successful agent for change and introducing the ICON model which has roots in many established business transformation processes. It is the perfect guide and is placed last to give readers the opportunity to understand the end goal (customer centricity) in the second part and key terminology in the first.

With so much food for thought, I found myself inspired by Jonathan’s approach and by the many tips provided by top customer experience practitioners. I know I will be dipping in constantly over the coming months and years.

Jonathan Daniels sets out to deliver a practical guide for business leaders looking for a competitive advantage and growth through Customer Experience Management.

He achieves this goal by presenting a playbook and a change management approach interleaved with tips and case studies by CX consultants. I see it as a recipe book, giving the key ingredients and methods needed for success in Customer Experience Management.

Daniels presents many facets of Customer Experience Management (CXM) as a business tool. He leaves readers in no doubt of the value of CXM and the behaviours and attributes of successful CX Leaders.

Given its diminutive nature, Daniels could have taken more time to detail the CX Centric Playbook which lies at the heart of his book. Nonetheless, he gives business leaders a framework for success and the motivation to increase their own CX knowledge.

The ICON framework blends traditional business change philosophies with Agile to create a governance framework predicated on engagement and collaboration (or co-creation as Daniels styles it).

Daniels is a respected member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. He engages with the wider community of independent and company based professionals through events, coaching and content such as podcasts. His consulting clients include Nissan, Lloyds Banking Group, ING, Visable and Sodexo.

The Customer Experience Playbook is action-oriented, presenting information in bite-sized pieces to assist businesses leaders in their journey to becoming accomplished CX leaders. Its tone is business like with plenty of diagrams, tips and case studies to engage all readers.

I feel the easily digested sections will become a ready reference for me and the playbook and ICON process align with Delta Swan’s approach to delivering business value through Customer Experience Management.

I recommend this book to business leaders who are interested in the power of CXM, but are not yet sure it is for them. The Customer Experience Playbook will give them food for thought and action.

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