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What is a Customer Experience Project?

Customer Experience Projects

Sometimes our Customer Experience needs a boost, this often happens when external factors change and create new expectations. A CX Project can be the shot in the arm your business needs when customers are not as happy as they once were. CX Projects are ideal for business keen to understand more about Customer Experience while delivering tangible benefits.

CX Projects include:

  • Using data to explain customer perceptions to the wider business
  • Change and Project Management
  • Group and individual coaching
  • Cross-functional teams to maximise project benefits and the adoption of customer centred thinking

All my CX Projects have three phases so we enhance Customer Experience and maximise your benefits.

Understanding Customer Needs

Understanding your customers

We can only delight our customers when we understand them and their needs.

Meeting your customer needs

Adjusting, re-designing or designing new products, services and touchpoints to meet customer needs.

Earning a return on investment

When we invest in customer experience management our time and money must be repaid.

What to expect from a Customer Experience Project

During a planning phase, we will identify the right team and toolset to meet your needs (including Voice of the Customer, Customer Journey Mapping and Value Propositions) and agree how to demonstrate the value and ROI of your CX Project.

Then we will use data and employee knowledge to understand your customer needs and what they think and feel about your Customer Experience.

We will lean into Change and Project Management to make changes to your products, services or touchpoints. Often finding more opportunities to engage employees, remove waste from process and delight customers.

In our last stage we will take actions to maximise your Return on Investment and demonstrate the benefits of your CX Project.

What you will get out of a Customer Experience Project

Typical benefits

  • You will improve your Customer Experience and measure the impact on metrics such as Customer Satisfaction or NPS.
  • Be ready to see the impact on key business metrics such as retention, employee engagement and cost of sales, and performance metrics such as revenue.
  • You and your team will understand more about Customer Experience and be keen to find and address more opportunities to grow by delighting your customers.

Check out my other services

If you haven’t found what you need here, my other services may help.

CX Workshops

CX Workshops

An introduction to the value of managing your customer experience.

Sustaining CX

Sustaining CX

Building tools, skills and processes to continuously improve Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Consulting

CX Consulting

Discussing CX and what it means for you, developing ideas and action plans.

My commitment to you

Whichever service you choose, my commitment to you is to understand and meet your needs. In other words, I practice what I preach.

See my commitment to you in full.

Schedule your free consultation and learn how you can keep up with rising customer expectations.

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will…

  • See a path to using customer feedback to drive product, service and operational improvements
  • Feel confident you and your team can continuously improve
  • Be keen to get ahead of your competitors by using customer ideas to innovate
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