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What can a Customer Experience Project do for you?

Generally clients want one of three project types:

  • Reversing negative customer perceptions
  • Cultivating Customer Experience Management (CXM) capabilities
  • Designing products, services and touchpoints

Which one do you need? What will the project deliver for your business?

Reversing negative customer perceptions

Every business has some dissatisfied customers, and every business has some churn. Both are inevitable.

But when dissatisfaction becomes a trend or churn rates exceed sustainable levels, targeted CX projects make a real impact. My approach is threefold:

  • Retention – identifying and retaining customers facing similar issues
  • Containment – preventing the spread of the issue to safeguard the customer journey
  • Resolution – building and implementing solutions to prevent recurrence, often leading to cost reductions

Whether you have a project team in need of strategic insights, require hands-on support, or seek a project leader, I’m here to help. My ultimate goal? To empower you with the skills to manage these challenges by yourself.

Cultivating Customer Experience Management (CXM) capabilities

Without purposeful management, Customer Experience can become haphazard.

My services range from tool implementation to achieving peak CXM maturity, always with an eye on tangible outcomes. I support by:

Cultivating CXM capabilities – Customer Experience Management (CXM) is a team effort. Everyone plays a distinct role, and my job is to help you build a CXM playbook that makes your ways of working efficient and effective and engages your whole team. We’ll design processes and integrate technology, focusing clearly on delivering lasting results.

Tailoring CXM Tools to your needs – understanding your specific needs is key to identifying the right CXM tools. Whether it’s suggesting a Value Proposition is more appropriate than Voice of the Customer, or pausing on a journey map when immediate action is needed, my goal is to provide what truly benefits you.

Establishing governance – establishing robust Customer Experience Management frameworks. We’ll include metrics, objectives, responsibilities, and support for your teams. I want to give you the power of Customer Experience Management.

Designing products, services and touchpoints

We’ll analyse your current customer journey to understand whether it needs simple tweaks or a complete overhaul. For those just starting out, I’m here to help craft a seamless journey from scratch.

When designing products and services, I work with your design and project teams. Together, we’ll refine existing processes and develop new ones to ensure your offerings satisfy customer needs.

Do you need a bit more than a project?

Projects are defined activities with a start and end point. Sometimes you need something a little more open-ended. I support clients with Customer Experience Management activities. But my ethos is always to give you the tools to manage for yourself.

What clients and colleagues say

Thanks so much Michelle for all of your work pulling together the Enscite Customer Feedback report, it was a big ask with such short notice. We are so pleased with the final report, and all of the work you did in engaging with our customers to get their feedback . The workshop you did with us around improving our customer journey was invaluable and the output of this is something we are able to share with our customer facing teams at the University to help us better support the businesses we work with. Thanks again, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future.

Julia Roberts, Business Development Manager, Enscite and Help to Grow
University of Derby

Visit my case studies page for real-life examples.

Tired of Reading? Let’s talk about you

You have heard a lot about me. But you visited my site to learn about Customer Experience. Why is that?

Maybe you feel something is a little off with your customers. Or have heard how intentional Customer Experience Management benefits so many businesses.

Schedule a free consultation (30 minutes). There’s no obligation and you will end the call with at least one idea to change how you manage CX.

My commitment to you

Whichever service you choose, my commitment to you is to understand and meet your needs. In other words, I practice what I preach.

Here are six reasons to work with me…

  • Your business is special, your needs are unique. Don't settle for 'off the peg'.
    • My approach is always fresh; I am always learning, with a constant eye on the latest developments as well as taking lessons from every job. I understand that you will rely on me to help you delight your customers and grow sustainably.
  • You know change is inevitable, but don't know where to start or how to bring your team with you.
    • With a wide and varied career history, I know how to plan change and make it stick. I understand people, the way they work, how they respond to change and what gets them up in the morning.
  • The success of your business lets you live your dreams. You want it to be around for a long time.
    • I'll never forget why you are in business. Whether you are refocusing your business or fixing a broken product, I will help you build a solid business case. Then together we will deliver a project to give you a return on your investment.
  • You are not sure what kind of help you want - advice, guidance or hands-on.
    • I can lead the charge, embedding your new ways of working. But only if that is what you need. You may prefer doing things for yourself, leaning on me for a friendly ear and advice.
  • I recognise where you are on your CX journey and build solutions for you.
    • We'll start with the tools to improve your customer experience and engage your team. Then, as you feel more comfortable, we can think about strategy.
  • It's not just me!
    • For larger engagements and areas outside my expertise, I bring in trusted partners. You get a team using their skills to delight you and your customers.

Schedule your free consultation and learn how to harness the power of CXM to grow your business

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will…

  • See a path to product, service and touchpoint improvements
  • Feel confident you and your team can continuously improve your customer experience
  • Be keen to get ahead of your competitors by delighting your customers

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