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What is a Customer Experience Management Workshop

Perhaps you have a specific need or want to see what Customer Experience Management (CXM) can do for you before diving into a Tailored Programme? My CXM workshops are designed to help you achieve two goals:

  1. Fix, improve, transform or create a specific aspect of your Customer Journey, or develop your CXM capabilities.
  2. Engage your team, get them excited about the power of CXM and eager to learn more.

Out-of-the box services go against my ethos of understanding customer needs before designing products and services. Instead, I have developed baseline workshops that we will adjust to meet your needs. If you are not quite ready for a CX Project, these workshops are a proven way to start your CXM Journey.

I can facilitate online and in person workshops. A single business can enjoy a workshop for multiple attendees, or multiple businesses can group together for a workshop. Multiple business workshops are a popular service for organisations that support business growth, such as Accelerators and Growth Hubs.

Customer Experience Management Workshops

Voice of the Customer Workshop

Voice of the Customer is the activity of seeking, analysing and accepting customer feedback. Then taking action to improve your Customer Experience.

You can use surveys, social media, chat, customer service calls, review sites and many other places to learn how your customers feel about your business.

For more about Voice of the Customer, visit my specialist section ‘What is the Voice of the Customer’.

Typical benefits

When you understand customer feedback, you will see your business through your customers’ eyes and learn to explore fresh ways of earning their loyalty.

Listening to the Voice of the Customer is a quick route to fix and improve Customer Experience while building your in-house capabilities. You will end the workshop with:

  • A better understanding of your Customer Experience.
  • Commitment to change activities to resolve customer issues.
  • Ideas to innovate your products, services and touchpoints.

Your commitments will improve Customer Experience, engage your employees and kick start your journey into Customer Experience Management.

Value Proposition

Value Propositions describe the value we deliver to customers in their terms. They have two parts:

  1. Your understanding of customer needs, which we capture in a customer profile. The profile represents a segment of customers with their jobs, pains and gains.
  2. Your description of your product, services and journeys and how they deliver value to customers.

Your value proposition helps you find innovative ways of meeting customer needs.

You can read more about Value Propositions in this blog post – How to use your value proposition.

Typical Benefits

When you build your value proposition, you and your team will understand the needs of your customers; functional, psychological and social. Also know as jobs-to-done and emotional needs. You will build a value proposition to meet those needs and grow your business with resilience.

Building a value proposition helps you understand your customers’ needs more clearly, so you can compete on more aspects of your Customer Experience. You will end the workshop with:

  • A shared understanding of the product, service and journey features your customers value.
  • Fresh ideas to enhance your customer experience.
  • A plan to fix, improve, transform and create moments that matter.

Your plan will deliver the changes you choose, help deliver customer value and earn loyalty.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

The customer journey starts with a customer need and ends when they no longer have the need.

Customer Journey Mapping records this journey with key information, such as each touchpoint, customer emotions and performance measures. We include customer perceptions and opportunities to fix, improve or transform the customer experience. Advanced Journey Mapping designs the desired customer journey.

Typical benefits

When you map your customer journey, you and your team will understand your customers’ experience and identify opportunities to improve your customer journey and delight your customers.

Mapping your customer journey helps you understand your customers needs and experience, and see your business through their eyes. With a fresh understanding you can delight more customers. You will end the workshop with:

  • An understanding of your customer journey.
  • Ideas to meet more customer needs and strengthen their perceptions of your business.
  • A plan to fix, improve, transform and create customer journeys that keep them coming back for more.
empathy map large icon

When we learn to see customers as someone whose needs we satisfy, we can build better customer journeys. When customers feel understood and appreciated they are more likely to be satisfied. Satisfied customers return and recommend their experience to others.

Empathy Mapping is an easy way to start thinking about your customer. It is a structured approach developed for service design that helps you and your team step into your customers shoes.

Typical benefits

Empathy maps help you see the world through your customers’ eyes. Then you can build products, services and journeys to meet their needs and build trust.

Building an Empathy Map helps your team bring the customer into more decisions. As you act with the customer in mind, you earn trust and a return on investment. You will end the workshop with:

  • An understanding of your customers’ needs and perceptions.
  • Ideas to strengthen their perceptions of your business.
  • A plan to fix, improve, transform and create customer journeys that build trust.
Founders large icon

A typical founder starts with a great idea and a lot of passion. They work hard to follow the guidance of of many people. And, with luck, they make money and grow their business.

However, when specialists in marketing, sales, logistics, and customer support get involved, the customer journey gets divided. What’s more as they seek new customers, new needs emerge.

Without intentional customer experience management, founders can hit what I call the CX Wall .

At this stage, founders don’t have the time or money for in depth CX activities – nor do they need them. I believe an awareness of CX Management and familiarity with the key tools can be enough to avoid the CX Wall.

Typical benefits

Don’t hit the CX Wall as your business grows. Learn how to use Customer Experience Management for resilience and growth.

  • Awareness of the pitfalls of letting Customer Experience happen by chance.
  • Tools to better understand your customers.
  • Ideas to meet more customer needs.
  • A plan to harness Customer Experience Management and realise the benefits.

Mixed founder workshops

The Mixed founder workshop is ideal for solo founders who want to explore Customer Experience Management in a safe environment. With fellow founders, learn about the CX Wall and how a simple three-step tool kit can help your new business thrive and grow.

You will end the workshop thinking a differently about your customers, and with actions that will support your business.

In optional follow-up sessions, I will help you deliver your actions and earn a return on your CXM investment.

I can facilitate online and in person workshops.

Single business workshops

The single business workshop brings founders and their team together to discuss customer experience. Following a CXM maturity model, we explore current capabilities and agree changes to support business growth.

You will end the workshop aligned on the customer experience management methods you will implement – with quick wins and longer-term actions.

In optional follow-up sessions, I will help you deliver your actions and earn a return on your CXM investment.

I can facilitate online and in person workshops.

What clients and colleagues say

Having first meeting Michelle in 2019 and getting to know her and her passion for her business it was only natural for me to want to ask Michelle to work with me when I decided to take my business to the next level. We started with a customer strategy workshop which lasted a whopping eleven and a half hours. Needless to say Michelle is as serious about your business as you are! I walked away from the workshop with great ideas, tools and a good understanding of where I am heading with my business with Michelle’s support.
Looking forward to continuing my journey with Michelle!

Sandra Dowling, Founder and Travel Consultant

After participating in one of Michelle’s exceptional training sessions on Voice of the Customer (VOC), she not only became a lifelong friend but also a much-needed mentor during a challenging period in my career.

Following a recent redundancy, Michelle stepped in as a coach, listener, and confidence-builder, guiding me through the process of regaining my footing and identifying the steps necessary to achieve my professional goals. Despite working in the same role, Michelle graciously offered her mentorship without hesitation, a testament to her remarkable character.

I am immensely grateful to Michelle for her unwavering support during my time of need. Her mentorship has been invaluable, and I honestly cannot thank her enough. I wholeheartedly recommend her as both a mentor and trainer, particularly within the CX field.


Sophie Lindsay, Customer Experience Manager

The session was so informative and Michelle provided me with so many excellent ideas and resources to look at. She gave me pointers on how to challenge the current messaging, focusing on the value we are providing to our customers and keeping in mind our target audience. Not only was the session very useful, it was also a lot of fun.

Jagroop Bagary, Senior Business Analyst & Product Manager

Thank you so much Michelle for the excellent MasterClass the other day.
I know you put a huge amount of work into this and it certainly showed in the professional and very informative presentation. I know that the delegates found it extremely useful.
I was very impressed with the levels of participation which is always difficult in a virtual situation.
Thanks again.
P.S. Had some amazing feedback ! Thanks again Michelle

David Hallam, Business Mentor and Coach

At fairly short notice Michelle pulled together a tailored one day workshop for our leadership team to explore our value proposition. We came to the subject from various directions, such as considering all stakeholders. We enjoyed and valued the day. In particular, we learnt to see the value we create through the eyes of our customers. We are continuing to work with Michelle to benefit from her insight into our business and how we describe our value.

Aju Alexander, Chief Operating Officer
The Data Company

I took part in a group webinar Michelle presented some weeks ago which was absolutely brilliant. Michelle has fantastic energy, really knows her area, and has a ‘nutshell’ way of explaining it, setting off epiphanies in my head. The session was jam-packed with information but in bite-size pieces that were super easy to digest and put into a plan of action moving forwards. Michelle also kindly offered me a follow-up call which was a 1-1 and discussed my exact pain points in the same fashion, again, offering a small but invaluable piece of time where I now feel completely supported and ready and rearing to go. Thank you again!

Emma Austin, Project Manager
Luv4 Marketing

Visit my case studies page for real-life examples.

Tired of Reading? Let’s talk about you

You have heard a lot about me. But you visited my site to learn about Customer Experience. Why is that?

Maybe you feel something is a little off with your customers. Or have heard how intentional Customer Experience Management benefits so many businesses.

Schedule a free consultation (30 minutes). There’s no obligation and you will end the call with at least one idea to change how you manage CX.

My commitment to you

Whichever service you choose, my commitment to you is to understand and meet your needs. In other words, I practice what I preach.

Here are six reasons to work with me…

  • Your business is special, your needs are unique. Don't settle for 'off the peg'.
    • My approach is always fresh; I am always learning, with a constant eye on the latest developments as well as taking lessons from every job. I understand that you will rely on me to help you delight your customers and grow sustainably.
  • You know change is inevitable, but don't know where to start or how to bring your team with you.
    • With a wide and varied career history, I know how to plan change and make it stick. I understand people, the way they work, how they respond to change and what gets them up in the morning.
  • The success of your business lets you live your dreams. You want it to be around for a long time.
    • I'll never forget why you are in business. Whether you are refocusing your business or fixing a broken product, I will help you build a solid business case. Then together we will deliver a project to give you a return on your investment.
  • You are not sure what kind of help you want - advice, guidance or hands-on.
    • I can lead the charge, embedding your new ways of working. But only if that is what you need. You may prefer doing things for yourself, leaning on me for a friendly ear and advice.
  • I recognise where you are on your CX journey and build solutions for you.
    • We'll start with the tools to improve your customer experience and engage your team. Then, as you feel more comfortable, we can think about strategy.
  • It's not just me!
    • For larger engagements and areas outside my expertise, I bring in trusted partners. You get a team using their skills to delight you and your customers.

Schedule your free consultation and learn how to harness the power of CXM to grow your business

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will…

  • See a path to product, service and touchpoint improvements
  • Feel confident you and your team can continuously improve your customer experience
  • Be keen to get ahead of your competitors by delighting your customers

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