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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

The customer journey starts with a customer need. They then research options and learn about your business. If the customer likes what they see, they buy from you and use your product or service. Unfortunately, they may need support. The journey restarts with a renewal of subscription or purchase of a new product. Or ends with the customer going elsewhere.

Journey Mapping records this journey with key information. We include customer perceptions and opportunities to fix, improve or transform the customer experience.

What to expect

Mapping the customer journey shows the complete experience your customers have when buying from your business. We include your product, services, touchpoints and other influences on your customer decisions.

You and your team will map your current customer journey. From there, you decide whether to improve your current journey or design an ideal customer journey.

You will

  • See your customer’s experience through their eyes.
  • Find opportunities to improve your customer experience.
  • Innovate your products, services and touch points.

The workshop will give you a customer journey map and an action plan. Your plan will deliver the changes you choose, enriching your customer journey and increasing retention. You will commit to continue using customer journey maps.

What will you get out of a customer journey mapping workshop?

Blending theory and practice with on the spot coaching the workshop takes the form of a masterclass.

Typical benefits

  • An understanding of your customers’ experience and how to strengthen their perceptions of your business.
  • Enhanced customer experiences leading to stronger relationships with customers.

To plan your session, we meet to agree your goals, who you want in the workshop and its length. You can select a half-day, full-day or two-day workshop. Then, I design the best workshop for you and communicate with your team.

The workshop includes:

  • Learning how to map your customer’s needs, experiences and perceptions.
  • Gaining invaluable insight into your products, services and touchpoints.
  • Identifying and prioritising opportunities to enhance customer perception.
  • Planning your next steps

In our follow-up sessions, you can ask questions and receive further coaching.

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My commitment to you

Whichever service you choose, my commitment to you is to understand and meet your needs. In other words, I practice what I preach.

See my commitment to you in full.

Schedule your free consultation and learn how you can keep up with rising customer expectations.

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will…

  • See a path to using customer feedback to drive product, service and operational improvements
  • Feel confident you and your team can continuously improve
  • Be keen to get ahead of your competitors by using customer ideas to innovate
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