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Why do early stage businesses fail?
According to CB insights 35% of early businesses failures are cause by a lack of market [customer] need and 8% due to a poor product
three of the six reasons for failure identified by Tom Eisenmann are false starts, false positives and speed traps

While there are many reasons early businesses fail, research conducted by CB Insights and Tom Eisenmann shows that failed businesses point to a small number of causes. Those causes that result from a failure in their Customer Experience Management contribute to around half of the failed businesses studied.

Introducing the CX Wall

I call those reasons for failure ‘The CX Wall’. Every decision taken by founders and their teams can add a brick to the wall. When decisions focus on one perspective, failing to consider the customer and balance their needs with business goals, another brick goes in the wall.

How to avoid the CX Wall

Unbalanced decisions, those that fail to consider the customer and balance their needs with business goals, build the wall. The solution is intentional Customer Experience Management (CXM).

But founders don’t have the resources or need to go the whole hog in their early days. To do so would create a different imbalance.

So, I have built tools that help founders think customer, build resilience and make more money (in other words, grow). These tools support the three steps of CXM. I call this service CX for Founders.

Understanding Customer Needs

Understand customers

Simple tools give you insight and empathy you cannot unlearn.

meet customer needs small icon

Meet customer needs

Whether designing or improving your products, services and customer journeys, you can meet more of your customers’ needs.

earn a return small icon

Earn a return on your investment

Ensuring customers appreciate how you meet their needs, building resilience and making more money. Read more here.

For every stage of your journey

Building Customer Experience Management habits early will help you avoid the CX Wall. But your journey as a founder doesn’t end there. I have tools and approaches to help you as your business grows.

Build CXM capabilities, engage your team and enjoy the benefits.




Fix projects resolve the issues caused by disjointed journeys. Businesses experience this as churn, poor reviews, difficulties in sales and marketing, high cost to serve.

Embed projects consolidate and protect the great aspects of the customer journey. They drive consistency, enhance customer focus and build CXM capabilities.

Schedule your free consultation and learn how to manage rising customer expectations

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will…

  • See a path to product, service and journey improvements
  • Feel confident you and your team can continuously improve
  • Be keen to get ahead of your competitors by delighting your customers
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