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Why CXM and marketing must work together

Lots of people think Customer Experience Management (CXM) is a subset of marketing. It is not. The biggest reason is that Marketing is about teeing up customers to buy and CXM is about encouraging them to remember us, recommend us and remain with us.

I love this quote:

“The public is a thick-skinned beast,” Walt Whitman said, “and you have to keep whacking away on its hide to let it know you’re there.

Not because I agree with the description, rather the reminder that even if we do a brilliant job our customers have other things to think about them. If we want they to remember, refer and remain we have to do more than sit back and hope for the best.

How can CXM and Marketing work together?

  1. Developing a thorough understanding of customers, combining data and insights to create one source of the truth and sharing with other parts of the business through reports and presentations.
  2. Understanding CX and opportunities to engage customers accordingly
  3. Sending messages such as ‘you said, we did’.
  4. Creating offers for engaged customers.

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