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Look back and look around. Pure visionaries like Steve Jobs are rare; most progress is incremental and collaborative.

As scientists say ‘we stand on the shoulders of giants’ when we succeed. When we fail it’s often because we ignore the lessons of the past.

And like ‘that little black dress’ the basics of customer experience are always in fashion.

What are the lessons of customer experience?

1. Have a focus / intent / purpose / vision / mission / your why / North Star

I don’t mind what you call it, but having a destination, communicating it, walking the walk and incorporating feedback is a basic in all business teams. If customer experience needs it a little more, it’s because most people employed in a business have a specialism and expect someone else to look after the customer.
Your vision must be aligned to your customers and balance their needs with the needs of the business and employees, that gives plenty of scope for innovation.

2. Customer listening / customer feedback / Voice of the Customer

Without the Voice of the Customer everything we think we know is an assumption, sometimes even wishful thinking. The horribly mis-attributed quote – “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” suggests two things to me. First it was the wrong question and second the person who did say it did not respect their customers.

3. Understanding the whole customer experience

Place feedback into a journey map. Line it up with each customer touchpoint (e.g. website, product, delivery driver), internal performance metrics and employee knowledge. Stand back and look at the complete picture. Use it to see your business and brand from your customers’ viewpoint. Make it visible, use it in communications, to set objectives and to connect your employees to their contribution to your customer experience.

4. Governance

Governance gives our manual tools power. It binds disparate teams with a single goal. It monitors performance, supports people and choses the right targets and actions. Can you tell I’m a fan?

5. Taking action and delivering benefits

This is where the innovation lies. In generating ideas to solve customer problems (changing your value proposition or customer journey) your team not only innovates, but identifies solutions that align with your brand promise. But you leap to this stage at your peril. Lessons one to four focus us on the customers’ problems and support our teams as they innovate.

Customer Experience Management is not a goal. It is a lever to better business performance, more engaged employees, sustainable growth and the fulfilment of your personal reasons for being in business. So always, but always, take action to improve the way you work with customers and follow up to make sure loyalty turns into increased revenue.

Trend setter or a dedicated follower of fashion?

Beyond the basics pundits will always promote new ideas as the next best / new thing. Take such boasts with caution, customer needs must drive your customer experience.

Remember to avoid complacency (moving too late), copying (failing to bring your brand and own innovation) and paralysis (being so in awe of trends you do nothing).

Put the basics in place and own them. In that way you can innovate to delight your customers and grow your business.

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