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All businesses face changing customer expectations. I help SME leaders deliver a compelling customer experience and become the business their customers love.

Is your market changing? Do competitors serve their customers differently? What reputation does your business have? Do customers buy once then leave? Are you competing on price? Are your sales and marketing costs spiralling? Do you know what your customers really think of the experience you deliver?

Why should you trust me with your customer experience (CX)?

Only the best experience compels your customers to return and tell. But delivering a compelling customer experience needs focus and you may not have the time in your day to stop and think like a customer.

Do you need an impartial set of eyes to understand what your customers see?

Do you need to pull your teams together to create a seamless experience?

Do you dread asking your busy people to take on yet another responsibility?

Michelle Spaul

I have nearly thirty-years’ experience in customer-facing projects within and across most functions from software design to commercial. I understand conflicting priorities and can bring people together across functional divides.

My leadership style comes from years of experience of change, as the recipient, team member and leader. I can be hands-on or coaching; share my knowledge and experience or motivate your team to teach me something new.

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My commitment to you

  • I focus on the concerns you have.
  • At the same time I will be a critical friend, helping you see the concerns your customers have.
  • I will be the guide you need: coach or trainer; lead or muck-in; one-to-one support or workshops.

Professional project manager

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