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Reputation management is important and becomes more so if you rely on inbound marketing. It can help businesses remove fake or unfair appraisals. By replying to reviews, you engage customers and show potential customers that you care. If specialists review your products and services you can bask in their glory.

But it stops there. If you fail to satisfy your customers, then reputation management is no more helpful than bailing out a boat as the water pours in.

sinking boatfloating boat

I can help you fix the leak:

– First, we will decipher customer feedback to pinpoint issues.
– Then, we can fix issues in your existing offer
– Along the way, we influence new products and services.
– Finally, we build business systems that maintain high-quality customer experiences.

And that is the difference between reputation management and customer experience management.

Where reputation management can give sales a temporary lift. Customer experience management implements permanent fixes which lengthen the lifecycle of your products and services.

By boosting sales without fixing issues, reputation management can increase complaints. Whereas customer experience management delivers robust products and services that generate loyalty.

Reputation management paints a rosy picture. But with customer experience management you will enjoy superior performance.

This blog examines customer experience and its relationship to business performance.

If you would like to share your thoughts, please comment or head over to my contact page and to get in touch.

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