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Demonstrating value and recommending CX improvements

The Enscite team wanted to understand the perceptions of their clients. I helped them gather feedback which we used to demonstrate the value delivered by the programme to stakeholders and funders. We also recommended changes to enhance the CX of existing and future University programmes.

Clients give us three types of feedback:

  • What they don’t like, and we can use their comments to fix problems and make improvements.
  • What is good and we must protect what they like and build on it.
  • Ideas to innovate.

My work uncovered all three types of feedback.

The Enscite Programme provided support to SMEs in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. During three funding cycles, it supported over 150 businesses, helping them grow and make operational improvements. Support took the form of workshops and 1:1 activities with leading experts and academic staff. As funding drew to a close in June 2023, the team asked me to help them understand the perceptions of their clients.

My work with Enscite and the University of Derby is an example of a Voice of the Customer service.

We agreed a four-pronged approach

  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data by survey.
  • Interview key businesses to gain deeper insights.
  • Review ‘could be better’ items and make recommendations.
  • Document all findings and recommendations for use by the University.

The actions I took

To design the survey, I agreed a simple client journey map with the Enscite team. This helped us understand the information they needed from clients and how to ask questions from the customers’ perspective. Creating the survey was a doddle using one of the Voice of the Customer platforms I review on my website.

To celebrate the success of the Enscite programme, and thank contributors and clients, the team held a celebration event at Derby Cricket Ground. There I spoke with representatives of ten businesses (15 people) to add colour to the written responses.

As I reviewed the survey data and interviews, I identified four ‘could be better’ themes. They highlighted key opportunities for existing and future programmes at the University.

But it is not enough to ask customers what they want and how they feel, employees have great ideas too. So, in a facilitated workshop, I led the team in building recommendations to enhance client experience and value.

I gave the team a report describing the feedback and recommendations, which they shared within the University.

The happiest clients?

Clients rarely value free products as highly as those they pay for. Yet, Enscite clients are very happy. In fact, I had to encourage them to tell me what could have been better.

When searching for an overall measure of the experience, I leaned into the Net Promoter Score – also called NPS. This score measures client loyalty. You are probably familiar with the question – would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?

However, as the programme was ending, rather than asking ‘would you recommend’, I asked ‘did you recommend’. As you can see from the image below, this immediately showed the value and trust felt by Enscite clients.

The results

With a simple intervention, I helped the team recognise and communicate a range of opportunities to enhance client experience:

  • Fix – resolve an issue which prevented clients from attending workshops.
  • Improve – collect, analyse and use feedback to improve continuously.
  • Transform – automate administrative tasks and better manage customer data, so future teams can deliver more of the support valued by clients.
  • Differentiate – build a customer journey that can be tailored to the needs of each client, thus delivering greater value.

Is it easy to hear customer feedback?

No-one likes to be told their baby is ugly and we all react to feedback instinctively. By working with an independent Customer Experience Consultant you can hear what customers are saying. Then respond with empathy, compassion and action.

But that only matters if you are rewarded for your efforts. Together we can explore how to make the most of customer feedback in your business.

Working with Michelle is always a delight. she concentrates on clear interpretation of CX and explores the context and dynamics rather than just the results. She unpicks data, statistics and comments, giving it understanding, which makes it incredibly valuable to any organisation.

Mark Gilman, Professor of Economics
University of Derby

Thanks so much Michelle for all of your work pulling together the Enscite Customer Feedback report, it was a big ask with such short notice. We are so pleased with the final report, and all of the work you did in engaging with our customers to get their feedback . The workshop you did with us around improving our customer journey was invaluable and the output of this is something we are able to share with our customer facing teams at the University to help us better support the businesses we work with. Thanks again, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future.

Julia Roberts, Business Development Manager, Enscite and Help to Grow
University of Derby

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