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X was unhappy in her job. She knew she would better serve customers if she set up her own practice. While she understood her job, she didn’t know how to market her skills and value. The father of a Delta Swan client put us in touch.

Everyone starting their own business has experienced the deluge of information and activities that come with the responsibility. X asked Michelle to guide her through the early days of company ownership.


To develop marketing materials to establish X. Most of all:

  • A website
  • Sales presentation
  • Brochure / price list

To guide X as she set up her business.


Like many experts, X struggles to summarise the technical aspects of her job. To learn what X does, I researched her competitors. I found a jumble of out-of-date information and assumed an indifferent approach to their work. I wanted X’s professionalism to shine out. We identified her unique selling point and developed a precise explanation of her services, focusing on the value to her clients. I added information, such as regulatory conditions and the latest terminology / references.

From this base, I built a website, produced a presentation and created a brochure. I also helped X re-engage her network, leading to a series of fruitful meetings.

On the business side, I encouraged X to set up a limited company. I recommended and briefed an IT Managed Service Provider. Then I worked with a specialist to draft her Data Protection policy.


X marketing displays her skills, so she can approach customers with confidence.

She now has enough work to employ an assistant and takes on bigger, more complex jobs.

"I engaged Michelle to write my marketing materials and got so much more. As well as coaching me in my new business, she created my website, managed my GDPR, helped me get to grips with LinkedIn and recommended great people when she couldn't do the job herself - like my new IT wizard. I don't know where I would be now if Michelle hadn't given me a kickstart into marketing my business - thank you."

– Anonymous client, August 22 2018 via LinkedIn –

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