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Wouldn’t it be good if we spent less on defence yet still had a strong military capability?

Team Defence Information (TDI) is a trade association. It unites the MOD and its members (defence contractors) in action to solve this dilemma.

TDI had more members and greater need for its services than ever. But they didn’t want to rest on their laurels.

They came to Delta Swan for advice about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They wanted to keep their offer relevant. Then build a virtuous circle of enhancing membership and gaining more members.

During this project, I worked closely with a TDI team member. We sought the input of the whole TDI team and board.

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My task

We agreed a goal to improve the retention and recruitment of members. We proposed three work streams.

  • Define the value needed and received by members
  • Understand how TDI could better serve its members
  • Implement changes to enhance the TDI offer and services

The actions I took

I reviewed all materials and spoke with the TDI team to build a structured value proposition. I then used a survey and group interviews to understand the value members need and get.

18% of members returned the survey, representing many points of view. The surveys highlighted several opportunities to improve member value. TDI received many potential testimonials.

We identified six member companies across a range of size and services to interview. Group interviews revealed deeper insights.

Using the Voice of the Customer I reported recommendations. This included aspects of the Value Proposition to protect and changes to make. Potential improvements ranged from communications to the Value Proposition and ways of working.

My work with Team Defence Information is an example of a Customer Experience Project.

The Results I Achieved

TDI’s members respect the trade association. They trust it to deliver its mission. At the same time, they wanted change to increase value for members and the MOD.

TDI kicked off a development programme run by its talented in-house staff.

Delta Swan delivered:

  • A value proposition which TDI immediately used to inform and simplify their marketing
  • Recommendations to improve value for members
  • The incentive and confidence to launch a transformation programme

We have a small Team at Team Defence Information and we really appreciated Michelle’s experience and guidance.

Phil Williams, Managing Director
Team Defence Information

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