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Wouldn’t it be good if we spent less money on defence and still had a strong military capability? Team Defence Information (TD-Info) is a trade association which unites the MOD and its members (defence contractors) in action to solve this dilemma.

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Today, TD-Info has more members and need for its services than ever, and they don’t want to rest on their laurels.

Following a timely referral, they came to Delta Swan for advice about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They wanted to keep their offer relevant and build a virtuous circle of enhancing membership and gaining more members.


We agreed a goal to improve the retention and recruitment of members. We proposed three work streams.

  • Define the value needed and received by members
  • Understand how TD-Info could better serve its members
  • Implement changes to enhance the TD-Info offer and services


Before asking members what they thought, we built a structured value proposition. Using this strawman, I surveyed all members and interviewed six to understand the value they need and get.

18% of members returned the survey—an excellent response, representing many points of view. I read every comment and analysed the data. TD-Info received eight recommendations and potential testimonials.

For the interviews, we identified six member companies across a range of size and services. Group interviews revealed deeper insights to help TD-Info refocus its activities.


TD-Info’s members respect the trade association and trust it to deliver its mission. At the same time, they wanted change to increase value for members and the MOD.

TD-Info has kicked off a development programme run by its talented in-house staff.

Delta Swan delivered:

  • A value proposition which TD-Info immediately used to inform and simplify their marketing
  • Recommendations to improve value for members
  • The incentive and confidence to launch a transformation programme

"We have a small Team at Team Defence Information and we really appreciated Michelle's experience and guidance."

– Phil Williams, Managing Director, Team Defence Information, 21 June 2019 via LinkedIn –

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