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The Data Company is an exciting company competing in a crowded marketplace. To appeal to new customers, The Data Company needed sharper marketing.

After working with Michelle at a Cancer Central workshop, The Data Company contacted Delta Swan for advice about expressing its value proposition. During our conversation a workshop was requested to better understand the value it delivers to clients.

"Michelle kindly gave her time to help and advise on a task I had been assigned; to look at the organisations repositioning and website content.

"The session was so informative and Michelle provided me with so many excellent ideas and resources to look at. She gave me pointers on how to challenge the current messaging, focusing on the value we are providing to our customers and keeping in mind our target audience. Not only was the session very useful, it was also a lot of fun."

– Jagroop Bagary, Senior Business Analyst & Product Manager, The Data Company, March 18, 2019 via LinkedIn –


Help The Data Company leadership team explore and develop their value proposition.


The Data Company felt its value lay in its technical expertise, we turned that around to think about the value gained by customers.

We examined:

  • The purpose of a value proposition and differences between industries
  • The role of each stakeholder throughout the customer journey
  • Stakeholder needs
  • The Data Company‘s offer and customer experience
  • The value delivered to existing customers
  • Scenario Problem Solution (by customer)
  • Hero statements (by customer)

Workshops are a whirlwind of insights and ideas, so Delta Swan always follows up in writing. The Data Company received the workshop outcomes with findings and recommendations. Then we discussed their next steps in a close out meeting.


The Data Company website now focuses on the customer. Using a Delta Swan recommended structure, the company shows the value they add and that customers will always be at the heart of their work.

Delta Swan delivered:

  • Insight into customer value
  • Raw material for marketing assets
  • Space to uncover new opportunities for services

"At fairly short notice Michelle pulled together a tailored one day workshop for our leadership team to explore our value proposition. We came to the subject from various directions, such as considering all stakeholders. We enjoyed and valued the day. In particular, we learnt to see the value we create through the eyes of our customers. We are continuing to work with Michelle to benefit from her insight into our business and how we describe our value."

– Aju Alexander, Technology & Operations Director, The Data Company, May 7, 2019 via LinkedIn –

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