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In 1981 a group of Rolls-Royce employees created an organisation to celebrate and preserve the heritage of the company. The Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust has gone from strength to strength with 2,500 members across the world and thousands of historic artefacts, including several hundred engines.

Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Logo

The Trust supports the company at events, with training and by sharing its history with enthusiasts. In return the Trust receives considerable support from Rolls-Royce.

For many years the Trust has exhibited its collection in an old Rolls-Royce factory near the centre of Derby. The museum already has 5,000 visitors a year from the company, its customers and supply chain and runs STEM events. It also attracts aerospace enthusiasts.

Like many organisations, RRPPC has to make its own way in the world, and is seeking more visitors to the museum and developing independent funding streams. The chair of the museum planning team and General Secretary of the Trust asked Delta Swan to assess its Customer Experience and make recommends to attract and delight even more people.


To define the new audience and assess their experience before, during and after a visit. Report recommendations to the museum planning team and Trust Board of Directors.


The target audience is the general public, i.e. people without ties to Rolls-Royce, so I  identified four personas and recognised that I represent one group. As few members of the public and my persona visit the museum, I could not gather data or insights from visitors.Instead, I identified the touch points needed by visitors to achieve their goals and assessed each touch point for Ease, Effectiveness and Emotion. I built a set of recommendations for each touch point.

A simple report format

rrppc after their visit
rrppc during their visit
rrppcbefore they visit

I presented interim findings to the museum planning team, including two key recommendations, and then I visited the museum with a group of aerospace enthusiasts. I had a brilliant time and left enthused by the experience and the potential for the museum.


My final report touched on finding the museum, deciding to visit, the booking experience, first impressions, education, inspiration and entertainment and making the most of the relationship with visitors. In all I made 43 recommendations across 10 action areas that included using Google My Business, improving the booking process (I also supported a planning meeting) and communicating to a range of visitors using stories.

The museum team have taken on board all the recommendations and prioritised them for implementation. Weaving the actions into existing activities and projects has broadened the scope and understanding of the team as they build a 21st century visitors’ attraction.

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