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If businesses don’t listen to their customers, performance suffers. I show leaders how to develop a business their customers love. Because every business deserves the benefits of Customer Experience tools and techniques.

Is your market changing? Do competitors serve their customers differently? What reputation does your business have? Do customers buy once then leave? Are you competing on price? Are your sales and marketing costs spiralling? Do you know what your customers really think of the experience you deliver?

No two customers are the same or have the same needs. If we agree to work together, we will work out what you need and tailor a solution from these building blocks:

Do you know what your customers think of your products, services and service?

Do you know what works, understand where your customer experience isn’t so good or want to know what is important to your customers?

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys

Keeping existing customers is much less expensive than recruiting new customers. But, if you don’t understand your customers you may have high levels of customer churn.
Learn how your customers feel and discover opportunities for improvement.


End of relationship reviews

No matter how good you are, customers leave and projects end. Understanding your customers’ experiences to become even better.
Find out what it’s like to work with you, then do more of the good and fix the rest.

Products And Services Reviews

Products and services reviews

Does your passion for your business blind you to opportunities for growth? A different viewpoint will show you what your customers see and uncover new ideas.
Get an independent, unbiased view of your products and services.

Are you using your customer insight to grow?

Collecting feedback and data is important, but useless without action. Polish your information so you can shine like a star.

Value Proposition

Value proposition development

When you describe your business, do you focus on the value you generate for customers? Better understand the needs and expectations of your customers to maximise your marketing.
Explore your customers’ experience to uncover what they want to buy.

Voice Of The Customer Projects

Voice of the Customer projects

You know feedback is valuable, but can’t face wading through all that data. Discover new ways of satisfying your customers.
Understand your customer experience and how to make it better.

Value Proposition Implementation

Voice of the Customer processes

Customers are becoming ever more demanding. Use Voice of the Customer data for continuous improvement and stay ahead of your competition.
Build the in-house ability to interpret and take action on customer feedback.

Have you honed your customer experience?

The Customer Experience bar rises every day. Only continuous improvements can keep you ahead of the pack.

Biz Imp Imp

Business improvements

Did your last business change deliver a return on investment (ROI)? Does your team have the skills to deliver changes that earn you money.
Get more from your improvements with professional project and change management.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping

Is your team customer centric? Pinpoint opportunities to drive improvements and engage your people.
See your business through your customers’ eyes and agree to fix internal issues.

Product And Services Development

Products and services reviews

Do you design products and services for customers just like you? Do you need lower development costs and shorter timescales?
Confirm your requirements, test your products and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The consultancy experience - tailored to meet your needs

Your business is special, your needs are unique. Don’t settle for a playbook.

My approach is always fresh; I am always learning, with a constant eye on the latest developments as well as taking lessons from every job. I understand that you will rely on me to help you deliver a compelling customer experience.

You know change is inevitable, but don’t know where to start or how to bring your team with you.

With a wide and varied career history, I know how to plan change and make it stick. I understand people, the way they work, how they respond to change and what gets them up in the morning.

You’re in business to succeed and want to be around for a long time.

I’ll never forget why you are in business. Whether you are refocusing your marketing or fixing a broken product, I will help you build a solid business case. Then together we will plan and deliver a project to give you a return on your investment.

You are not sure what type of help you want – advice, guidance or hands-on.

I can lead the charge, putting your new processes and tools in place, but only if that’s what you need. You may prefer doing things for yourself, leaning on Delta Swan for a friendly ear and advice.

Book your free consultation and learn how you can keep up with rising customer expectations.

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will…

  • See a path to using customer feedback to drive product, service and operational improvements
  • Feel confident you and your team can continuously improve
  • Be keen to get ahead of your competitors by using customer ideas to innovate

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