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Jesika Lackova

Working with Michelle, has been an amazing experience. She was not my “boss”. Instead, she was a mentor who taught me a lot and she did it with patience. She always answered questions with a smile and devoted her time to train me.


Yvonne Gatfield

I loved her questions which allowed me to think a bit deeper or grasp a different perspective than what I am usually drawn to.


Scott Gilbey

Michelle helped me pull up my socks which is what I needed. She asked me tough questions and offered helpful suggestions. It’s easy being Michelle’s friend. It’s not easy being her mentee, but it’s not supposed to be, and, of course, I would do it again.


Olumide Jones

Michelle is an exceptional mentor – she is encouraging and supportive, while also challenging me to think critically and step outside my comfort zone. She tailored our sessions to focus on my specific development needs and goals.


Tom Price

Michelle helped me to hone in on what I actually wanted from ‘growth’ and then became more specific on which services that I offer that would provide me a better opportunity for growth


Kofo Are

If you’re seeking an expert who can provide invaluable insights and drive actionable results, in the realm of customer experience for start-ups, I highly recommend Michelle.

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