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Michelle worked for me in Eminox delivering some critical projects to allow the business to achieve the strategy plan for 2016. Michelle delivered on all her milestones and achieved everything she asked to complete in a timely manner and to cost.

During her time with Eminox Michelle helped to deliver best practise project management and mentor peers around her. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to hire a professional project manager who is as good as her word and achieves at the highest standard.

Mark Runciman, Operations Director

Culture and Accountability are core CX competencies in high performing customer-driven organizations. As CX professionals we get to drive the strategies that build and sustain a customer-centered culture and be accountable for the outcomes. In 2022, Michelle Spaul led CX leaders like me to help us elevate these competencies through the CXPA Monograph Program.

Imagine a comprehensive guide for practitioners that explores the relationships between CX and an organization’s essential functions – from the C-Suite and Finance, to Product Development and Operations, to Sales and Marketing and HR and others? These guides or Monographs are the direct result of Michelle’s passion and leadership to help CX make a difference in how people do business.

This year, six teams delivered Monographs that will help CX practitioners work smartly across their organization’s functions, understanding their colleagues, building empathy, and creating mutually beneficial relationships. As one of many authors for one of these Monographs, I’m grateful for Michelle’s leadership, coaching, and guidance. This Program would not have happened without her.

CX is a team sport. It’s about collaboration, cross-functional efforts, smart use of data, planning, relationships, problem solving – all in the pursuit of finding meaningful ways to serve customers. Michelle embodies the spirit and substance of team, evidenced by the on-time completion of six new Monographs that are sure to elevate CX practitioners’ effectiveness in their organizations.

Joel Block, Customer Experience Director

I first met Michelle through our common desire to improve manufacturing businesses, but it was only when she demonstrated just how important it was for me to understand how my clients think that I realised how beneficial her insights and expertise could be for me.

She showed me how to develop some client empathy maps, and these were so clear that it drove me to rethink and redesign my website to focus on the customer journey and experience first.

Michelle doesn’t provide just sound advice, but enables you to test whether your actions will actually achieve what you intended. She provided me with a written Customer Eyes report for the website prior to public release and worked through with me how to optimise the content and structure from a customer perspective, so that I’m now confident that the clients that I know I can help will know that their needs are being heard and that the experience they have from the website will match the experience from delivery of the service.

Unlike other business consultants who treat Customer Experience as just a standard business consulting “add-on”, Michelle specialises in making the client important, which elevates your profile, and in my opinion also elevates hers!

Without Michelle’s support it would have taken a lot of trial and error, and we’re now very focused on what we do and for whom we provide it, and I’m confident that Michelle will continue to provide even more, amazing, core support.

Peter Francis, Founder and Managing Director

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