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In person

Supports customer feedback received by employees.

Supports existing business reviews

Designed around existing business management structures.

For clients with customer relationships

Supports clients who know their customers in person.

Inner loop (individual issues)Outer loop (systemic issues)Employee experience (VoE)Total price £, ££, £££ROI calculationAnalysis languages Celebrates positive feedbackMetrics
CX 😊 Business ⩩ Performance 📈
With largely anonymous feedback, does not track or support the follow up of individual issues.Analytics identify themes and trends, pointing towards action.All the data collection, analysis and presentation capabilities for CX are applied to the Voice of the Employee.Pricing based on employee numbers to encourage the distribution of feedback and action.ROI calculation not supported.Analysis in English. Surveys and reports can be created for other European languages.Supports the promotion of positive customer experiences as well as the resolution of poor customer interactions.Shows the impact of customer experience and resolution on customer, business and performance metrics.

Considering a Voice of the Customer tool?

Let Delta Swan help you make the most of your investment.

Published 21 January 2021

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