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Business success is often measured by growth and is certainly dependent on change. In the eighth article in our series of Practical CX Tips, Mandisa Makubalo shows how organisational alignment will create a consensus and communicate objectives throughout your organisation.

Using the classic ‘plan do check amend’ framework to manage the achievement of objectives is a top tip.

The Plan Do Check Amend cycle

These ways of working are part of governance, which I see as a key tool in any change programme, i.e., in all businesses. With my project management hat on, I define governance as:

The activities designed to prevent the common causes of failure.

The tools Mandisa describes

  • setting and flowing objectives throughout the organisation
  • using a structured approach to planning and delivery

are key to governance and the success of all change activities (aka projects).

If you want to go further, you should consider

  • setting up a steering group to validate the plans and decisions made in the Plan Do Check Amend cycle.
  • creating a project management office to standardise change practices and support the leaders of change be that a CX professional or specialist in another discipline.
  • create a risk management process for projects and the business as a whole.
  • creating and sharing your vision and plans, and taking action on the concerns and suggestions you hear in response.

In fact, I am so keen on governance I am leading a CXPA project to write a monograph giving CX professional practical tips. Watch out for more news in the coming weeks.

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