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You know you need to understand your customers to meet their needs and expectations. But it is hard to find the time and to really listen to feedback.

Voice of the Customer tools help you analyse data without bias. They present insights which your business can turn into action and help you engage your team in customer experience. VoC tools help you consistently improve and manage customer experience.

I review VoC platforms to help you choose the right platform for your needs. Here is a summary of the VoC tools you should consider as you invest in Voice of the Customer.

Opinyin operates as a specialist analysis tool and has many novel features. Its AI needs no training or data modules. Opinyin strives to get your business down to the source of customer pain.

SurveySensum has a strong inner loop with all capabilities you need in one place, offers touchpoint surveys in customer journey maps and thrives to turn insight into action insuring your business growth.

Alterna CX creates customer journey maps, their text analytics use industry specific models, benefiting from domain knowledge and continuous learning and has all capabilities you need in one place.

MyCustomerLens supports customer feedback received by employees and is designed around existing business management structures. It supports businesses who know their customers in person.

OMBEA supports in-person experiences as well as online surveys allowing employees to be heard without smartphones or computers and all data. Additionally, all charts are interpreted in natural language.

OPINATOR enables your business to brand surveys, add visual elements and engage customers with interactivity. Opinator encourages customers to respond to surveys. All data is interpreted in natural language.

This platform offers a free base package, has 15 survey types which clients build themselves and has an agile inner loop where clients direct feedback to the right people as it arrives using collaborative tools.

Wonderflow has a strong focus on physical product including product family and supports product instruction and description development by identifying questions. It provides competitor analysis.

This platform supports clients beyond the charts with quarterly reports included, has all the capabilities you need in one place and supports cross-border working by analysis in every European language.

This platform supports the needs of business, employees and customers with all round capabilities. Employees give feedback on every inner loop. Additionally, it provides performance metrics.

Limetropy has a tight focus on Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee. It provides extra content by asking customers how they would resolve issues. Its surveys enhances brand experience.

This platform specialises in world class improvement methodologies. It supports cross border working with analysis available in over 250 languages and all capabilities you need in one place.

Continue your Voice of the Customer Journey

What is the Voice of the Customer?

Want to know more about the Voice of the Customer, how it works and why you should use it? Click the button below to read more.

What are Voice of the Customer tools?

Want to know more about VoC tools and how to use them most effectively? Click the button below to read more.

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