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What are Voice of the Customer tools?

The Voice of the Customer helps you listen to customers. It also gives you the challenge of managing large amounts of data.

Voice of the Customer tools manage the data. They collect it from multiple sources and present insights into your customer experience.

They are unbiased and highlight perceptions you may overlook.

They give you and your team time to reflect and act on what you hear. When you invest in VoC and a tool, you can improve retention and sales. In other words sustainable growth.

Would you like to know what your fellow professionals think about VoC platforms and why you need to pick the right one to meet your needs?

Who can use Voice of the Customer tools?


Using a VoC platform is an easy decision for multinational corporations. They see the value in automated, consistent data collection, analysis and presentation. Their employees can focus improving business practices and delivering excellent customer experiences. But, and not to put too fine a point on it, the platforms huge corporations buy can do everything and come with a commensurate price tag.

Thankfully, we live in a world where technology helps start-ups build excellent solutions. And that means VoC tools are now within the reach of smaller businesses.

Why I review VoC tools

Information about VoC platforms is hard to find. Many reviews hide behind paywalls and focus on the usual, large suspects. Reviews in the public domain tend to be fairly light. I want to give smaller businesses information to find the right VoC tool.

In large businesses IT departments collect business requirements and manage vendor selection. But smaller businesses can struggle to make objective decisions about software.

So, I set out to help smaller businesses select a VoC tool. The right tool will help you:

  • gather and analyse customer feedback.
  • share customer insights.
  • improve customer experience.

The reviews present consistent information about each platform and vendor. You can:
use the table below for a quick summary
visit each vendor’s page
sign up for the full review and short-list the right platforms for you. If you need help, take a look at the white paper.

I update the reviews annually and add new platforms as often as possible.

How I review the tools

I ask each vendor to complete a questionnaire exploring seven subjects:

  • The closed-loop process
  • Employee experience
  • Technology
  • Implementation and benefits realisation support
  • Budget
  • Specialisms
  • Social proof

I review their answers and invite them to a meeting. The meeting consists of a 15-minute demonstration and 30-minute Q&A. Then I write full review for each vendor and summarise it here. All vendors review the draft reviews to correct factual errors.

Click here to learn more about how I review VoC platforms.

My biggest takeaway

All vendors have passion, business know-how, innovation and customer focus.

Their size means most focus on a specific market. This makes them ideal for some clients and less appropriate for others. I don’t rank the vendors or talk about weaknesses. Each is dedicated to helping their clients succeed. They just have different approaches and different strengths.

Each platform has grown inline with its clients’ needs. Each is worthy of consideration by a smaller business looking for a VoC partner.

Use the table below to start your comparison. Then visit each vendor of interest using the links in the header. If you want a shortcut to your short list, please sign up for the full review.

The common features

A sea of (feedback) sources

All the tools interact with an array of feedback sources. They include surveys, social media, call recordings and chatbots.

A drove of dashboards

All these platforms present data to support decision-making processes. All can be tailored and highly graphically. Dashboards present data by customer, system, geographic, etc and clients can set alerts.

A surfeit of support

Each vendor knows clients need support to delight their customers. They help during implementation and offer education and additional insights.

A legion of lessons

Each platform uses client feedback to update and add functionality.

Comparison table

boostCXKimolaLumoaOMBEA InsightsOpinyinSandsiv+StaffinoSurveySensumSurvicate
Analysis languages 13-1726120327250+TBA17N/A
Inner loop (individual issues)YesCrossYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
CX performance metrics Business business metrics
Performance performance metrics
performance metrics
business metrics
performance metrics
business metrics
performance metrics performance metrics performance metrics
business metrics
performance metrics
performance metrics
business metrics
performance metrics performance metrics
Outer loop (systemic issues)YestickYesYesYesYesYesgrowing capabilityYes
ROI calculationNoManuallygrowing capabilityNoManuallyYesYesNoNo
Total price £, ££, ££££££££-£££-£££-££££

Continue your journey into the Voice of the Customer

What is the Voice of the Customer?

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Voice of the Customer tools to consider

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